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Kim Jong Un declares himself immortal

I am the true immortal

The Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), the official media outlet for North Korea began yesterday’s programmes at 5pm with an announcement from the young Dictator himself. “Listen to me. As from this day I am immortal” he said with his characteristic lisp. After an explanation of how lovely he was, he warned that he was not afraid “to use force and …

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Weight loss and muscle gain man shown as a fake

Before and after photos now believed to be false

ATLANTA, GEORGIA – after nearly 15 years of commercial success, Big Jim Praiselord’s fat pill and muscle gain business has been busted. The local celebrity has been under investigation for the last 18 months and his multi-million dollar business ‘Big Jim’s Pills’ had been the subject of a probe by the IRS as well. The famous ‘Red and Blue’ pills, …

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Beijing smog shrinks to pulsating splodge

Onlookers at Haidian District, Beijing

BEIJING, CHINA – Locals were left speechless at around 2pm local time as the massive smog cloud that covered Beijing began to shrink and form a liquid splodge in the Haidian district of the city. Some people, like 84 year old Chung Chen Da dropped to their knees at the first sight of the sun in years. “I cannot believe it, …

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